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Reconnect → transform → inspire

Whether you seek personal transformation, cultural enrichment, or an opportunity to give back to the world, Bari invites you to be part of our movement. We embrace a different way of seeing the world with a strong focus on learning from the wisdom of indigenous peoples.

We believe in giving back to the planet by supporting their communities, as we recognize them as true guardians of Earth.

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"We need to understand that we are not outside of nature; we are nature. We are part of the Earth, and it's time for us to become aware of this. We are a part of the river of life, and we need to take care of it."

- Ailton Krenak
Indigenous activist and writer from Brazil

Building a Transformative Future

Since 2015, we've been walking hand in hand with our indigenous brothers and sisters in the Brazilian Amazon, joining forces to build events and projects that bring blessings to their communities. Through months spent living among them, we've grown to understand the deep wisdom of the land and the sacred ways of our indigenous kin. Our hearts have learned that personal growth and transformation blossom when we embrace nature and the teachings of our ancestors.

At Bari, our foundation is built upon trust, respect, and transparency - not only with our dear clients and partners but also with the communities we serve in the Amazon. We hold these values close to our hearts, and they guide every step we take on this sacred journey.

Our mission is clear - to provide exceptional and high-quality services that leave a positive mark. Together with the local communities, we work to create a better and brighter future for all. In this unity, we find strength, and in these shared values, we find purpose.


Side by side, let's shape a better future for this precious land and its people.

With love,

Alessandro Isaka

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Alessandro Isaka

Founder & CEO

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Bixku Huni Kuin

Indigenous Leader

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Luiza Jardim


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Nawá Siã Huni Kuin

Indigenous Leader

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Biruany Huni Kuin

Indigenous Leader

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